13th Conference of BBS & Performance Management - AARBA

Leasha Barry
University of West Florida

Bob Cummins

Bob Cummins

Sigurður Óli Sigurðsson
Icelandic Centre for Research

Program of the 13th European Conference on Behavior-Based Safety:

• June 19th:

Day dedicated to pre-conference workshops. The conference will host one workshop in English – “Behavioral incident analysis" – in which Bob Cummins will present the techniques through which to analyze the contingencies present in the work environment that led to an injury at a given time; it will also teach to redesign intrinsic enhancers to prevent repetition in the future.

• June 20th:

Day dedicated to a plenary session on culture and safety values, and behavioral techniques to build them, as well as two parallel symposia:

– one dedicated to company experiences, in which various details related to the application of a behavioral safety process will be touched: from the international certification of processes, to the involvement of people from different cultures, to the management of the reward management system. Attend Ahsltrom-Munksjo Italy, GE Grid Solutions, Mitsubishi and Raffmetal;
– one dedicated to the state of the art of research and application of Behavior Analysis protocols for learning and motivating safe driving behaviors and to the consequent opportunities available for those who need to manage company fleets.

Leasha Barry, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA
University of West Florida

Dr. Leasha Barry is the founder and director of the Office of Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of West Florida.
The curriculum offered at the University of West Florida is one of the first in the world approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.
She holds a PhD in Special Education, Disability, and At Risk populations from the University of California at Santa Barbara, as well as a MA in Educational Psychology.

Dr. Barry conducts research, teaches, and participates in service activities that combine her interest in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), special education, and early intensive behavior intervention. Diverse applications include behavioral interventions for post-traumatic stress disorder, developmental disabilities (including Autism), learning disabilities (such as ADHD), and other at-risk populations spanning areas of impact from neonatal intensive care to juvenile justice.

Leasha publishes in refereed publications, including Journal of Advanced AcademicsJournal of Behavior Analysis of Offender and Victim – Treatment and PreventionJournal of Early Intensive Behavioral InterventionAdolescence, and The Behavior Analyst Today.

Bob CumminsBob Cummins
Sodak Limited

Bob started his career in construction in 1989. He left ‘normal’ work in 2011 in pursuit of making a difference after discovering behavioural science during his senior leadership positions in project management, health and safety and engineering. Bob founded Sodak limited, a behavioural design agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Sodak’s aim is to help people in business make safer, happier, less wasteful workplaces through behavioural design. He is the author of Behavioural Science for Business Health and Self and is an advisor to the Cambridge Center for Behavioural Studies in North America.

Sigurður Óli Sigurðsson, PhD
Icelandic Centre for Research

Dr. Sigurdur Oli Sigurdsson obtained his Ph.D. in behavior analysis in 2006 from Western Michigan University. He is currently the Manager of the Quality Board for Higher Education in Iceland. Dr. Sigurdsson is also an Associate Commissioner for the Behavior-Based Safety Accreditation Commission of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies.

He has provided organizational consultation to hospitals, autism treatment centers, and various other businesses and industries. He has published research in the Journal of Safety Research, Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, and Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. Dr. Sigurdsson’s research interests are in the areas of safety-related decision-making and maintenance of behavioral safety processes.

Network BASE® (Behavior Analysis for Safety Enhancement) is the network of consultants composed of qualified experts in BBS, present throughout the national and international territory.
The capillarity on the territory, unique feature in the panorama of the BBS, ensures cost reduction, uniformity of approach and certainty of result. All BASE® professionals boast several successful implementations of the protocol, which they carry out using the exclusive materials and FT&A dataBASE® management software, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

Polistudio‘s activity is consultancy and training on work safety, environmental protection and company organization. The company was founded in 1996 by the will of the founding partners to create a structure capable of providing multiple solutions for risk prevention and environmental protection. The objective of complete customer satisfaction, supported by a strong sense of responsibility, allowed Polistudio to obtain the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification in 1997, the Vision 2000 in 2003 and the Corporate Social Responsibility certification SA8000 in 2008. These awards accompanied the transformation of Polistudio into engineering company and joint stock company.
The path of growth made in recent years has allowed Polistudio to develop its current vision: “We listen to and support the client in its evolution, offering its organization the most effective solutions in the areas of safety, environment and management systems“.

Under the patronage of:

Province of Padua

Italian Association of Safety Trainers

Italian Association of Metallurgy

National Council of Engineers

Order of Psychologists of the Veneto Region

With the media partnership of:

The 13th European Behavior-Based Safety Conference will be held in the sumptuous setting of Villa Foscarini Rossi in Stra (VE)

Date: June 19th-20th 2019
Where: Villa Foscarini Rossi
Address: Via Doge Pisani, 1/2, 30039 Stra (VE)
Website: www.villafoscarini.it

How to get there by public transport (informations from http://actv.avmspa.it)


  • After leaving the station, proceeding to the left on the station square (about 400 m) you’ll reach the bus stop where the 53E bus goes in the direction of Mestre.
    After the bus has made n. 16 stops, get off at the “Stra – Piazza Balconi" stop. Proceed southeast on the Regional Road 11 Padana Superiore towards Via Riviera XXV Aprile for about 100 m, you’ll find Villa Foscarini-Rossi on the left.

How to get there by taxi:

  • The main taxi services to reach the conference venue are:
    – Padua Radiotaxi Cooperative: +
    – Veneto Radiotaxi:

How to get there by car:

    If you are coming from Milan, from the Serenissima, exit at the Padova est exit where the Sheraton Hotel is located, continue on the Padova-Venezia highway, passing through Ponte di Brenta, Vigonza, Stra; or to Noventa (Strada Noventana) towards Stra. The Villa Foscarini is located to the left of the third traffic light, that of the Ponte di S. Pietro.
    If you are coming from Venice or anyway from the Trieste (Tessera Airport) – Treviso direction, you can use the Serenissima motorway, and exit at Dolo, continue to Fiesso and then to Stra. Go past the famous Villa Reale (Villa Pisani) and as soon as the fence walls of the latter end there are two possibilities: either you enter from the main gate that looks to the right, exactly at the traffic light of the bridge of S.Pietro, or yes park in the narrow street (Via Nazionale) which acts as a divider between the park of Villa Pisani and that of Villa Foscarini.
    Villa Foscarini Rossi provides participants with free parking for 150 people. You will find directions upon your arrival.

Below we indicate a list of affiliated structures and details for the reservation. The facilities are located in Padua, the closest city to the congress venue (Villa Foscarini Rossi – Stra, VE), but it is possible to look for structures also in the town of Stra.

Partner hotels

Best Western Plus Galileo Padova (4 stars) – 10 km from the conference venue

Address: Via Venezia, n. 30 – 35131 Padova

Website: https://www.hotelgalileopadova.it/

Tel: +39 049 7702295

Rates valid up to: 17th May 2019

Rooms available: 30

Rates include: Buffet breakfast, Internet WiFi, Free outdoor 24H gym parking:

– € 115.00 per day, double room, BB + € 3.00 tax / person
– € 105.00 per day, double room for single use, BB + € 3.00 tax / person
– € 125.00 per day, superior double room, BB + € 3.00 tax / person
– € 115.00 per day, double room for single use superior, BB + € 3.00 tax / person
– € 150.00 per day, Suite, BB + € 3.00 tax / person.

Booking method:
Contact the email address: meeting@hotelgalileopadova.it

Best Western NET Tower Padua (4 stars) – 8 km from the conference venue

Address: Via San Marco, n. 11 / A – 35129 Padova Italy

Website: https://www.towerhotelpadova.net/

Tel: +39 049 7702291

Rates valid until: 17.05.2019

Available rooms: 50

Rates include: Buffet breakfast, Internet WiFi, outdoor parking, free 24h gym

– € 105.00 per day, double room, BB + € 3.00 tax / person
– € 95.00 per day, double room for single use, BB + € 3.00 tax / person
– € 115.00 per day, superior double room, BB + € 3.00 tax / person
– € 105.00 per day, double room for single use superior, BB + € 3.00 tax / person
– € 150.00 per day, Suite, BB + € 3.00 tax / person

Booking method:

Contact the email address: mice@towerhotelpadova.net

Hotel Marconi (4 stars) – 12km from the conference venue

Address: Via Guglielmo Marconi, 182 – 35020 Roncaglia of Ponte San Nicolò, Padua Italy

Website: http://www.marconi-hotel.it/

Tel: +39 049 8961422

Rates valid until: 15.05.2019

Rooms available: 12

Rates include: buffet breakfast, tax exemption

– € 65 double for single use
– € 55 single
– € 72 double

Booking method:

Send mail to info@marconi-hotel.it indicating your participation in the AARBA-AIAMC conference.

Best Western Hotel Biri (4 stars) – 10 km from the conference venue

Address: Via Grassi, 2 – 35129 Padova Italy

Website: https://www.hotelbiri.com/

Tel: +39 0498067700

Rates valid until: 06.05.2019

Rooms available: 25

Rates include: breakfast and parking

– € 90 Double Single Use + € 3 tax / person
– € 100 Double + € 3 tax / person

Booking procedure

Telephone booking at 0498067700 or via email at hotelbiri@hotelbiri.com indicating your participation in the AARBA-AIAMC congress. On confirmation, you will always be asked to send a credit card as a guarantee to hotelbiri@hotelbiri.com.

Direct payment at the hotel. Cancellation without penalty 24h before arrival.

Other facilities near the venue

Hotel Park Venice – 1.3 km from the conference venue

Address: Via Venezia, 92 – 30039 Stra (VE)

Website: https://www.parkvenezia.com/

Tel: +39 049503182

Hotel Villa Alighieri – 1km from the conference venue

Address: Via Dante Alighieri, 15 – 30039 Stra (VE)

Website: https://www.villaalighieri.com/it_hotel.htm

Tel: +39 049502161

Conference banquet (June 19)

On the evening of June 19 AARBA organizes a conference banquet with AARBA researchers and international speakers of the event. This year, participation in the dinner is open to all interested (subject to availability).

Location: the dinner will take place inside the conference venue (Villa Foscarini Rossi – Via Doge Pisani, 1/2 Stra – VE – Italy)

Cost: € 65 per person

Registration: as places are limited, we kindly ask you to sign your interest during the online registration to the conference (https://form.jotform.com/90994325523967)

Coffee breaks (June 19-20)

Thanks to our sponsors, the participants will be offered one coffee break during pre-conference workshops (June 19), and two coffee breaks during the conference (June 20).

Lunch (June 20)

Lunches are not included in the conference.
During the conference (June 20), there will be a paid street food service available for all attendees inside the conference venue.

Alternatively, we suggest you to reserve a seat in one of the restaurants close to the conference venue: