Behavior-Based Safety


prof. ing. Adriano Paolo Bacchetta

Professor on contract of Human Factor for the HSEQ management at the Polytechnic University of Milan, and freelance
Phone +39 333 3716806


dr. Maria Gatti

General secretary of AARBA, researcher, and consultant expert in Behavior-Based Safety and Performance Management
Phone +39 02 40047947

Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) is the scientific protocol able to reduce industrial accidents and injuries. Widely applied all over the world, it concurs to foresee and to control unsafe behaviors, that are the cause of incidents and occupational diseases in about the 80% of cases. Safety managers know that they have to act on behaviors in order to reduce incidents and accidents.
Even many Italian companies implemented the protocol in their plants. B-BS is so successful due to its effective procedure based on positive reinforcement, and to the prominent role played by company people (HSE/HR/workers) for the implementation of the proces in the companies (Read more).

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