Performance Management


prof. dr. Fabio Tosolin

President of AARBA, and professor on contract of Human Factor for the HSEQ management at the Polytechnic University of Milano
Phone +39 0240047947


dr. Alessandro Valdina

Researcher and consultant, expert in Performance Management and Behavior-Based Safety
Phone +39 02 40047947

Under the label “Performance Management" are gathered together all the techniques deriving from Behavior Analysis usable to getting workers to do all and only that behaviors useful to achieve business results, whether they concern productivity, quality or or anything else. It’s a way to get managers and employees to perform to their potential through positive means.
It’s the basic part to get  the best from people, processes, systems and management, creating an additional value for companies: in our globalized world, every company can have equipments or cutting-edge technologies, and knowing how to take advantage from the human resourses will be the key to success.

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