B-BS Process Certification - AARBA

A B-BS Process Certification based on Results


Certification and qualification are words that relate to bureaucracy, not to Science. No statement regarding B-BS can be considered “real” just because sponsored by a certification body, by an authoritative professor.

According to science, a process aimed to predict and control safe behaviors may be considered effective only if demonstrated experimentally. And B-BS has more than 600 experiments to support it (Carrara, 2011).

Conversely, formal certification systems, based on respect of guidelines, standards or periodic activities cannot support with evidences the effectiveness of the process at work in improving safe behaviors, safety conditions and – most importantly – injury rates.

The new challenge: Certify only those sites or plants who – through B-BS – has reduced their injury rates or maintained them at low


For this reason A.A.R.B.A. and Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies (CCBS) in collaboration with two certification bodies as serious as RINA and TÜV Italy faced the challenge of drawing up the requirements for a process certification based not only the activities but also on the results obtained in terms of reduction of injuries and first aids.

These requirements have been published by A.A.R.B.A. and CCBS (B-BS Process Requirements and are available to

  • Certification bodies that want to understand what to observe for evaluating a B-BS process and its effectiveness;
  • Companies that want to test their process B-BS and wish to certify;

Certification bodies interested in certified according to these requirements can contact A.A.R.B.A. (segreteria@aarba.it) or CCBS and start a process of collaboration as already done by RINAand TÜV Italy, already authorized to certify processes according to B-BS these requirements.