Professional Certification - AARBA

Certify your competence in B-BS? Now you can!

After a review of studies attended by the candidate and the results obtained by him in the field, a rigorous examination will test his skills and knowledge. This certification will allow safety professionals to distinguish themselves from those who make behavioral B-BS without having the qualifications and competence.

AARBA and ICPrev, a professional certification body, have worked for more than one year for drafting the Notice of Voluntary Certification of Behavior-Based Safety experts. The certification scheme complies with ISO 17024 (Requirements for Certification Bodies of people) and the scientific criteria, approved by the international scientific community, in particular by the Center for Behavioral Studies, Cambridge.

The certification provides three levels of professionalism: Expert, Specialist and Master

If you are interested in a certification, please download the invitation from the ICPrev site of and contact the secretariat of ICPrev for information about the next exam session.

ICPrev – Institute of Certification for the Prevention

Headquarters: Via del Vecchio Politecnico, 7 – 20121, Milan (Mi)
Tel +

Office hours:
Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 13:00 and 14.00-18.00

Responsabile of Certification Service: Claudio Munforti

B-BS Grandparents

A honoris causa certification in B-BS application according to ICPrev Standard has been delivered to the following people (considered as B-BS grandparents) starting from July 1st, 2013. These professionals have been awarded for their outstanding professionals worldwide scientific recognition in B-BS development and implementation.

Alavosius Mark – Certified Master
Algarotti Elena – Certified Master
Bacchetta Adriano Paolo – Certified Specialist
Gatti Maria – Certified Master
Houmanfar Ramona – Certified Master
Ludwig Timothy – Certified Master
Matthews Grainne – Certified Master
McSween Terry – Certified Master
Tosolin Fabio – Certified Master
Valdina Alessandro – Certified Specialist