ABA Master - AARBA

The University of Parma in collaboration with TICE and AARBA organize the Master Course in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

For people graduated in psychology, medicine, science education, teachers, parents and professionals with a master degree.

Parma, January 2012 – April 2013

The University of Parma chose AARBA and TICE as a partner to build this master that integrates theory and practice, as required in the best models of graduate education in the world and in the international standards of efficiency dictated by the scientific bodies of reference (Abai, AARBA, BACB ®, CABAS ®).

The course has already started and it is not possible to applicate any more.

The course aims to teach skills to improve socially significant behaviors toindividuals with and without special needs.

Teaching will include the theory and practice both for therapeutic and research activities in health care settings, university, school and work. The appearance of novelty of the course is supervised internship dedicated, guaranteed by the Convention for the participants with associations and university research centers.

International Faculty

The faculty includes professionals learning centre of the most prestigious international, experts in behavior analysis applied enterprises, schools, rehabilitation, communication and autism, teachers of prestigious Italian and international universities.

The Attendants of the ABA Master Course will be able to

  • • Effectively apply the techniques of behavior analysis
  • • Curricula and build individual learning pathways
  • • Adopt the scientific literature
  • • To conduct experimental research

For further information, write to fabiola_casarini@libero.it

Frequent Asked Question

Master has been designed to introduce behavior analysts. We have the aim to form scientific people able to keep high quality standards in the evaluation of students performance directly in the field.

Registration deadline: end of December

Test for attendants January

Lessons will start February 2012

Credits : 60

The course is performance-oriented: attendants can follow the lessons via webcam by a regular ADSL connection.
Lessons will be on Saturday morning (3 Saturday a month with and 2 intensive weeks); teachers are from Columbia University and from Education Psychology Faculty.
600 hours of field practice are included in the master fee.
The total amount of hours can be achieved up to 12 months following the final examination. Agreements for the practice period have to be defined according to personal needs.
Evaluation system during the curse: all attendants shall produce 4 researches. Out of them at least one should be eligible for publication. The experiments can be performed in dedicated centers (Piacenza, Castel San Giovanni, Salsomaggiore, Rubiera) or in the attendant working site (school, company, AUSL, education centers). A final examination will test the achieved competences. The master will be considered completed only following the stage period.