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The Advanced Training Course in Behavior-Based Safety

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Course Articulation

The standard training on the process of behavior-based safety (B-BS), or the Advanced Course in B-BS, takes place in three modules, each of which is preparatory to the next, for a total of 80 hours. Participants will learn the basic principles of behavioral safety, techniques for the evaluation, assessment, reporting of safety behaviors, for understanding the causes of behaviors, for the development of values, culture and habits. Tools and materials needed to achieve the safety process are provided and are immediately usable in practice. The first modules are dedicated to the “motivation” for safety behaviors, which represents the real and most frequent “cause” of accidents and the integration between the B-BS, the SGSL and the Italian legislation on workplace safety, while the third provides an overview of the most effective techniques for safety training.

Course Modules

Module 1

*Introduction to Behavior-Based Safety
*Basic concepts for the understanding and development of safety behaviors (Behavior Analysis and Behavior Management)
Duration: 3 days

Module 2

*The culture and values ​​safety prevention
*The integration of B-BS with Management Systems Health and Safety at Work (SGSL)
*The Protocol Behavior-Based Safety (B-BS)
*The training for observers and safety leaders
Duration: 5 days

Module 3

*The technique of conducting periodic safety meetings
*The persuasive communication: techniques for leadership
Duration: 2 days


The course includes lectures, case studies, exercises on the development and use of checklists and role playing for the acquisition of specific skills (such as conducting safety meetings). All participants will receive operational and checklist of such schemes.


The scientific director of the course is prof. Fabio Tosolin.
The teachers, all experts in Behavior Analysis and Behavioral Safety, are among the most qualified European experts in the field of B-BS, teachers and researchers in the faculty of industrial processes at the Milan Polytechnic or consultants specialize in behavior management in enterprises.

XXXVI ed. of the Advanced Training Course in BBS

The next edition of the 80-hour B-BS Advanced Training Course will be held in Milan, at the AARBA office ( Sempione, 52), between November 2018 and January 2019.

Download the flyer (in italian) to get all the details of the course.


QUALIFICATION: this course is the only one in Italy that gives you access to the repertoire of qualified experts in B-BS (minimum requirement for the application of the B-BS protocol in the field with the support of an expert in OBM). To consult the requirements for access to the repertoire, click here;

TRAINING CREDITS: the validity has been requested as an update for RSPP and ASPP for all the ATECO Macrosectors. Generally, 40 hours of updating are recognized for those who take part in the Complete Course and 20 hours of training for those who take part only in Modules;
DISCOUNT: for this edition of the course there are some discount options, not cumulative:
discounts from 40 to 50% (€ 2,700 or € 2,250) for those attending the European Conference of B-BS (Como, June 2018);
30% discount (€ 3,150) for AARBA, AIFOS and AIAMC members.

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