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Training on Performance Management and Sales Network Management

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Corsi behavior based safety a Milano

You can download the detailed program here.


The aim of the course is to share a successful path to organize a new corporate sales network able to effectively face the challenges of the actual market. The course will be based on scientific-experimental evidences coming from the best recent academic research and from many companies successful experiences.

Participating to the project you will be able to:

  • learn and develop an organic system to identify, measure and modify behaviors, starting from in progress management processes, on which results and purchase decisions are based;
  • learn the theoric principles and start a process of formal behavior observation and a feedback process, involving all the resource management responsibles.


Company executives, including managers (in particular sales and production), sales area heads, and more technical and sales agents.

Other company figures can of course be involved in training, especially in managing customer relations on different occasions (phone, complaint handling, conferences events, courses, etc.).


The project consists of 3 steps: 1) preliminary assessment; 2) training; 3) monitoring and follow up

  1. Preliminary assessment (2 days): provides two distinct steps to assess the current state of sales on the farm, analyze the organization organization, and in particular the sales network, determine which skills are to be mastered by the vendor and identify the behaviors useful to achieve business goals, as well as the defective ones that affect misunderstandings, complaints and inefficiencies:
    • documental analysis
    • field support with 2 sellers (1/2 day each)
  2. Training course (3 days): nel corso delle giornate d’aula si apprenderanno le principali tecniche di gestione dei comportamenti propri e dei propri collaboratori (Performance Management), i principi basi della leadership e alcune tecniche specifiche per l’organizzazione e la gestione della rete vendita. La formazione sarà composta da parti teoriche e da parti di esercitazione pratica.
  3. Monitoring and follow up (1/2 days, possibly to be replicated): meeting with corporate direction in order to examine and monitor in time results gained. In particular: Seller performance; Seller work method; Causes of seller’s poor performance; Assignment of goals; Incentive and pay method.


10th, 17th and 24th march 2017


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