Trainning Course for Trainers - AARBA

Corso per formatori a Milano

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The learning paradigms

In this section the scientific principles regulating human learning will be discussed. In other words: which rules must be respected in building up any kind of single lesson or exercise or for a complete learning curriculum curriculum.

Part II

The learning measurement

In this session, limits and advantages of the existing scientific methods used for the evaluation of trainer’s efficacy and learning acquisition , will be discussed.

Part III

New Learning Technologies

In this session will be presented the features of the software for an effective teaching process. The knowledge of the previously described principles is fundamental.

Part IV

The teaching behavior: motivation and leadership

In this session will be discussed which behaviors should be shown by the teacher during the lesson: communication skills, ability in the presentations in order to obtain understanding and motivation by the attendants.

Part V

The education within the italian “Decreto Legislativo”

In this session the safety education targets foreseen in the legislation, will be analyzed. The training for the qualification of the trainers , the contents of the training and the adequacy of the training structures according with UNI ISO rules, will be discussed.


The course foresees front lessons ,case analysis, test on the definition of training curricula in Precision Teaching and role playing for the acquisition of communication skills (i.e. holding of meetings ect.).


The course is devoted to any person active in the area of training (consultants or employee),HSE, HR managers, work psychologists, and teachers.

Scientific Director

Prof. Fabio Tosolin, president of A.A.R.B.A. ( Italian Society of Behavior Analysis) has introduced in Italy the application of scientific psychology to Learning Technologies, to Performance Management and to Behavior Based Safety. In particular with Precision Teaching by O. Lindsley, that represents the paradigm of election for e-learning, he has collected over 40 scientific publications in the area of school and company learning.

Mario Villa
Hse Manager Polymia & Pozzi Plast
"The training course organized by AARBA was one of the most exciting moments in my training life. I had approached that course with no particular expectations, I was used to very technical, operational, pragmatic training courses, talking about training seemed to me to speak of nothingness. A few minutes after I had sat in that chair I was already in love with the subject, the method, the culture behind it. Since then, it has been a continuous attempt to recreate that emotion in the classroom, in front of classes of operators, hundreds of hours where I tried to train them but at the same time they formed me. Even today, the 'humanistic' part of the training fascinates me much more than the notional and technical part, and every time I start a lesson I start a wonderful journey that takes me to new territories."