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The Applied Behaviour Analysis and Research Methodology are an indivisible combination, in any field of application (ergonomics, organization, education, clinical); The epistemological model underlying is, indeed, for its specific features, an evidence based modelTherefore, the knowledge of principles and of methodological techniques represents an inescapable prerequisite for anyone who wants to operate in the psychological field, especially for the ones adhering to the behavioral field.

The research in applied psychology, despite having its own technical specificities, does not deviate substantially from the scientifical preconditions of experimental research. The behavior modification is the result of the manipulation of those variables (antecedent, consequent and contextual) that, is assumed, are able to exercise control on it.

The purpose of the method is to describe, evaluate and interpret the relationships between variables; to estrapolate the functional aspects and, as far as possible, to generalize the results of the completed analysis. For this reason, is important to add, to the several usable methodological models, some refined statistical procedures for the elaboration of data, able to guide toward an accurate enough interpretation of the interventions’ results, in efficiency and maintenance over time terms.


Prof. Rosalba Larcan

Full Professor in Development and Educational Psychology, Department of Cognitive Sciences, Psychological, Educational and Cultural Studies – University of Messina (Italy).

Phone: +39 0906766082


Suggested books:

  • Larcan, R., Cuzzocrea, F. (2007) Misurare e valutare il cambiamento, Ed. Aracne, Roma, pp. 205 – ISBN: 88-548-0784-2

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