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Behavior-Based Safety, Behavior Analysis, Safety at Work Events by AARBA

From the status of AARBA: “The Association aims to promote the development and dissemination of Scientific Psychology or Behavior Analysis".

Spread the knowledge is one of AARBA's vocations and this is why here you will find the events organized by the AARBA association, or to which the association has given its own contribute.

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16th European Conference on Applied Bahavior Analysis

To know more, check the event page here: 11th European Conference.

Ambiente Lavoro 2017

Also in 2017 AARBA, the European scientific association of BBS, is Partner of Ambiente Lavoro, which this year returns as a convention.

The AARBA researchers will be available to visitors with a stand (Hall B, stand A53) to provide information on Behavior-Based Safety (B-BS), as well as on Performance Management techniques and effective training, showing results in terms of reduction of accidents and insecure behavior, and an increase in productivity, quality and safety performance in companies that have adopted behavioral management systems.

Read more here about the Ambiente Lavoro 2017.

12th International Conference of Applied Behavior Analysis – 2016

Create a motivating work environment, which leads employees to give their best and work safely. Adhere the patient to the therapies and indications of the attending physician and of the dentist. Realize courses able to teach, to really transfer knowledge and skills. Countering the main school problems, such as autism, bullying, plusdotation, etc. Adopt a lifestyle and above all  with healthy food. Increase the bio-psychosocial well-being of people, living in an ever-changing environment. The scientific method applied to behavior is the tool to pursue these objectives, although these range from the psychology of work to medicine, from education to psychotherapy.

2016 Ambiente Lavoro

AARBA was present at the Ambiente Lavoro 2016, check more here: AARBA Ambiente Lavoro 2016.

The 2015 edition of the European conference for behavioral safety with the participation of the world's leading experts in B-BS, OBM and Behavior Analysis in general.

Check all about the 2015 edition in Bologna.

The 2014 edition of the European congress for behavioral safety conference with the participation of the world's leading experts in B-BS, OBM and Behavior Analysis in general.

Check all about the 2014 event on: 8th Behavior-Based Safety Conference.

2013 Events

2013 – B-BS and Organizational Behavior Management Conference
2013 – Conference of Educational and Clinical Psychology
2013 – Dental Psychology Conference
Check more at: J.A.R.B.A 2013 (in italian).

2012 Events

2012 – Conferece of Educational Psychology
2012 – B-BS Conference
2012 – National day of study on health and safety at work
 Check more at: J.A.R.B.A 2012 (in italian).

2011 Events

2011 – Ambiente Lavoro
2011 – V European B-BS and ABA Conference
Check more at: J.A.R.B.A 2011 (in italian).

2010 Events

2010 – European Conference of B-BS
Check more at: J.A.R.B.A 2010 (in italian).

2008 Events

2008 – III European B-BS Conference
 Check more at: J.A.R.B.A 2008 (in italian).

2007 Events

2007 –  2nd European Congress of B-BS

2006 Events

2006 – I European Convention of B-BS
Check more at: J.A.R.B.A 2006 (in italian).