Ethical Code - AARBA

The Ethical Code

By Ethical Code (hereinafter referred to as  the Code), the set of behavior rules voluntarily signed by the members of the BBS area of ​​A.A.R.B.A. to which they undertake to comply in the application of the methods deriving from the Behavior Analysis and in particular in the application of the BBS, according to what is foreseen by the univocal protocol defined by the scientific research community to which A.A.R.B.A. adheres.

The Code aims to ask the underwriters to adopt rules of conduct inspired by principles of fairness and professionalism and intact, but it does not replace or is in contrast with the laws of law and / or self-regulation in force at national and European level, which must, therefore, be continues scrupulously observed.

Il Codice Deontologico

The Associates recognize that adopting the B-BS means adopting a precise and univocal protocol, not a generic “approach", nor an “orientation" or “philosophy" of action in terms of
safety; the protocol is based on the assumption that the determinants of behavior are:
1) Antecedent stimuli
2) Consequent stimuli.

The Associates undertake to face any professional intervention in the field of BBS in science and conscience, refraining from engaging in their own too complex activities or for which they do not have an adequate level of experience; for these activities the support of experts recognized at national and / or international level must be requested.

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