Behavior-Based Safety - AARBA

Building behaviors to achieve results

The manual describes step by step the B-BS protocol and it’s the italian translation of “The Value-Based Safety Process" by Terry E. McSween, one of the greatest US experts in the field and multinational consultant in the field of Security and Performance Management.

The Italian version was edited by Fabio Tosolin and Adriano Paolo Bacchetta, professors of the Politecnico di Milano in the specialization course in Safety Engineering.

AARBA is the publishing house of this volume and takes care of its promotion.
The volume is sold at the price of 77 euros. Shipping costs are included. Organizations that are interested in ordering more than 10 copies and bookshops can contact the secretariat of the association for specific economic agreements with the distributor.

On the italian version of this page it’s possible to buy the italian translation of “The Values-based Safety Process: Improving Your Safety Culture with Behavior-Based Safety” by Terry E. Mc Sween. Please, Click here.