ABA e Riabilitazione Psichiatrica - AARBA


by Gabriella Ba*

The book I have the pleasure to present writes about some fundamental concepts of psychiatric rehabilitation that are declined according to the particular meaning of the neo-behavioral approach known as Applied Behavior Analysis.

In reading the text it is clear that we are dealing with an approach that transposes the logic of scientific progress in clinical action. This is also achieved in the choice of the techniques to be used which are a logical consequence of behavioral analysis and hypothesis on what are the factors that favor or maintain a dysfunctional behavior; moreover, it is in the very nature of this approach that the emphasis is on verifying the effectiveness of the intervention and therefore on whether or not the objectives have been achieved.

The text, within a theoretical framework, illustrates step by step how to implement an ABA treatment through the detailed commentary on the phases, techniques and tools of an intervention for the management of problematic behaviors with a person with psychiatric disability. This is also the merit of this book: combining theoretical aspects and practical aspects, exemplifying how a clinical intervention can be performed following a scientific logic without necessarily having to change the organization of a service. It therefore constitutes an important training contribution to integrate the professional profile of rehabilitation workers.

In these years Roberto Truzoli has gained clinical experience in the cognitive-behavioral field and in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation as head of the Clinical Psychology of the Psychiatry Unit II of the Hospital “Luigi Sacco", Hospital of Milan.
For many years he has been teaching a Degree Course in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Technique.
These skills make him an author who writes not only on the basis of his theoretical knowledge, but also according to a proven and consolidated clinical practice.

*Chair Director of Psychiatry, “Luigi Sacco" University Campus, Milan.


Roberto Truzoli