Special Interest Group (SIG)

What is a Special Interest Group (SIG)?

A Special Interest Group (SIG) is formed by a group of individuals, who refer to a wider organization or entity, whose members share a common interest in a specific field of research. Such groups collaborate through the sharing and discussion of relevant documents, that are related to their field of interest, allowing individuals to always keep updated. Member’s aim is to work and develop the necessary tools and initiatives, in order to allow the continues progression of the scientific field.

What is done in a SIG?

Behavior Analysis and in specific it’s divulgation in Italy, is one of the main topics of discussion and interest in the SIG groups. Members share ideas through books, research, annual events and personal experiences, in the field of ABA and much more.

Is the SIG limited in number?

Absolutely not! SIGs are open to all AARBA members. Visit the specific SIG page you are interested in, in order to read and learn more specific information. 

What are the benefits?

By joining the SIG you can become part of a real community of professionals in the field of ABA, being constantly updated on all the news and current topics of the moment, through a dedicated newsletter (not invasive) and an exclusive Whatsapp group (optional).


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