Performance Management

Building behaviors and determining business success

This book has sold half a million copies worldwide, a circulation justified for a technical-scientific manual only by one element: the utility for leaders of every level and context – from the entrepreneur to the manager, from the sales manager to the capoarea, from the plant manager to the production manager, from the primary to the head nurse, from the foreman to the shift manager. The text also provides an important interpretative key to all the authors of agreements, guidelines and norms that determine the conditions in which organizational behaviors are developed, including therefore the legislator, business associations and trade unions.
With continuous references to the scientific literature and application examples collected in their forty-year career, Daniels and Bailey easily explain the principles of behavior and how to apply them to building a motivating work environment that will be able to get the best out of its collaborators.

On the italian version of this page it’s possible to buy the italian translation of the fifth edition of “Performance Management: Changing Behavior that Drives Organizational Effectiveness” by Aubrey C. Daniels & Jon S. Bailey.

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