The absolute need for the adoption of a behavioral protocol against Covid-19 - AARBA

This is why is essential to adopt a behavioral protocol for the prevention of infections in hospitals and firms.

Two are the essential necessities that we currently need to face, and that are in conflict between them:

  • Avoid interhuman contact with risk of infection:
  • Provide hospital care to patients and effective prevention strategies to those who must ensure the economic survival of the population by continuing to provide essential services and products.
  • Consider these two opposite requirements (avoid the infection by safeguarding the health and work areas) is possible by adopting immediately, and with great strictness, a B-BS process (Behavior-Based Safety) in all facilities where activities involving people-gathering are carried out, such as hospitals and factories.

The B-BS is the only method that has proven its efficiency, scientifically and evidence-based, available to the world in regards of this specific aim. In the absence, we will have to live with the paradox of having to treat and produce to survive with operating methods that will favor the spread of infection.

Here are available some articles that can help you to have a better understanding of why adopting the B-BS for the pandemic is effective.